What January Blues?

I seem to have missed the memo on blue Monday. Should I have felt a certain way and then relied on ours/things to brighten me up?

Being a full time mum and running my own business means that I don’t have colleagues and I’m not around too many people on a daily basis. Sometimes this is hard, not having that personal interaction with a team. But sometimes it’s a blessing!
The kids literally have no few what day it’s let alone what month for a start. They are always full of energy, regardless of weather or how far away summer is.

I get to choose who I surround myself with. I choose (wherever possible) not to be around any negativity or bad vibes. I get to choose what positive influences i want around me and who gives me motivation.

January is quiet on the client front. Nature of a being hairstylist, everyone is still looking fairly sharp from the festive period💁🏼‍♀️ But this means I can fully focus on building my brand and business, work on current and emerging trends and answer all your enquires about the year ahead.

This year particularly I am super pumped and ready to grow @HayleyPennyHairstylist

Massive thanks to @FayeCornhillCoaching for getting me hugely motivated with your exceptional skills. This lady is amazingly talented, she has given me so many tools to work on and grow my business. And know there is more to come. I’ll be looking to invest in more coaching as the year progresses.

I have A LOT to learn. And I’m massively grateful to a very supportive group of family and friends that are willing to give me their time and knowledge. I may be a sole trader but I am certainly not alone in this journey. My Husband and Hometeam have my back every step of the way.

So you see January isn’t blue. It is bright and shiny and new and full of sparkly ideas for the year ahead. Oh and snow 😬 but that’s shiny and bright to start with too right!😉

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